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    Included in this group was Yosef Mendelevitch, who in 1981 was released and joined his family in Israel, where he became an inspiring figure in the movement for traditional Jewish values. Obsessing about what you can't do prevents you from accomplishing what you can do. Although frequently translated as "dedication," Chanukah also means "renewal." The way that we celebrate Chanukah teaches us that renewal requires something more than returning to a former state, even if that state itself had been satisfactory.

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    For a nice description of this process, see Brian Fagan's The Time Detectives; for a more technical discussion, H. Wrights "Environmental Determinism in Near Eastern Prehistory", Current Anthropology34,#4 (1993) 458-69. -------------------------------------------------- 9500 BC: Global; Younger Dryas ends End of Younger Dryas, return of wet warm conditions in Near East, time of plenty. -------------------------------------------------- 7000 BC: Egypt; Eden in Egypt #124.

    -------------------------------------------------- 6200 BC: Greenland; GRIP ice core GRIP ice core shows and abrupt cooling at about 8400 years before present. -------------------------------------------------- 6200 BC: Global; Severe cold snap Severe cold snap; possible short time of hardship in Near east as in Younger Dryas. -------------------------------------------------- 6000 BC: Global; Delta Environments #149.

    Authors of forthcoming geological report suggest that this may be related to the Sumerian/biblical flood, though this claim is disputed by ancient Near East scholars who believe that the location is too remote from Mesopotamia.

    Other cultural consequences of the event are said to be spreading of agriculture to Europe. -------------------------------------------------- 5000 BC: Mesopotamia; We place the "Garden of Eden" at the time of 8000 to 6000 yrs.

    -------------------------------------------------- 4850 BC: California; Warmest time, (bristlecone pines,) Warmest time in Sierra Nevada, (bristlecone pines, California) #1.

    Charcoal from the Newgrange and Knowth tombs in Ireland yield dates ranging from 2800 to 3250 B. The date of the disappearance is 4650 yrs BP with a standard deviation of 300 years. -------------------------------------------------- 3250 BC: Peru; Huascaran glacier Peru Ice.

    However, cross correlation of radiocarbon dating and counting of rings on thousands of ancient trees preserved mainly in Irish bogs and German rivers permits the conversion of carbon dates to an absolute chronology. Signals from Greenland ice cores suggest that he last glacial may have been punctuated with abrupt warm periods, leading to release of "ice armadas" into the Atlantic Ocean; these "Heinrich events" have been variously attributed to precessional components of orbital variation (Mc Intyre and Molfino, Science 12/13/96) and periglacial dust (Overpeck et al, Nature 12/5/96) #484. -------------------------------------------------- 20000 BC: Mesopotamia; (Illustration) Illustration: Dry glacial climate in Near East. For an excellent summary of the effects of these and other climatic changes in the Middle East, see Wright, Current Anthropology34,#4 (1993) 458-69. -------------------------------------------------- 10500 BC: Global; Younger Dryas begins Beginning of Younger Dryas.

    -------------------------------------------------- 30000 BC: Java; 30,000 BC: Last stands of Homo erectus (Java) and Neanderthal (Spain) species, decline in favor of Homo sapiens (NYT, 12/13/96). Abrupt cooling in Europe and North America, return of near glacial conditions; in the Near East, an abrupt drought, leading to retreat to oases, possibly related to development of agriculture as a coping strategy.

    -------------------------------------------------- 6000 BC: Mesopotamia; Sea level rise in Gulf of Persia, 4000 BC Irrigated society, 3500 BC #488.

    -------------------------------------------------- 5500 BC: Europe; 5500 BC: Reported Mid-Holocene flooding of Baltic Sea by Meditteranean waters.

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